About 5Rhythms


Developed by Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms® dance is an dynamic and expressive movement practice. It is a healing meditation for body, heart and mind. It’s a 'Wave' of movement and energy.

The practice itself is very simple, and could be taken as a great ‘work out’, yet it can also reveal deep wisdom of your body.

Each of the rhythms holds many opportunities to become more aware of who you are and how great your potential is. In that way, dancing the rhythms becomes a joyful path to freedom and healing for body, heart and mind.

The 5Rhythms:

Flowing: Body - Earth - Feet

The journey begins with grounded continuous movements, receiving and welcoming breath, life and change.

Staccato: Heart - Fire - Hips

The beating heart is the inner impulse for this rhythm. The beat shapes us in a thousand different way’s, expressing clarity, direction and focus.

Chaos: Mind - Water - Head

The power of letting go, release head, neck, spine. Shake off limiting thoughts and believe systems. Fall into the intuitive field. Freedom awaits.

Lyrical: Soul - Air - Hands

Be lifted by the air when you spread your arms for a flight through the space. Lyrical reminds us to stay curious and in awe with the mystery of life.

Stillness: Spirit - Ether - Breath

Stillness reveals itself through listening, slowing down, pausing. It’s breath made visible. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Being home and at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

When dancing ‘Waves’, often our emotions move as well.

In the ‘Heartbeat’ map, as well as in heartbeat workshops, we consciously invite the energy of fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion to move with and through us. These feelings are part of being human and have their own story to tell about who you are.

Old feelings that have been locked in our limbs or frozen in our chest begin to shake loose. When we get comfortable with feelings, we don’t have to get attached, nor push them away, and then they are great guides and road signs.

'If You don't do your dance, who will?'
                              Gabrielle Roth