About Willemijn

"So tell me,
What is it you want to do with you’re one wild and precious life?"

(Mary Oliver)


Willemijn de Dreu is committed to the dancing path and the freedom it brings for so many. She is known for her fiery yet grounded presence and her gentle way of healing through movement. She effortlessly weaves shamanic threads in her teachings, with a great sensitivity to what is arising in the field.

Curriculum Vitae
Willemijn originally studied theatre school, and was trained in 1998 to teach the 5Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth. In 2005 she was trained as a Heartbeat teacher.

In 2008 she started working with Daan van Kampenhout who taught her more about shamanism and ceremony. In 2013 she became a certified Systemic Ritual constellator.

After years of training and assisting Andrea Juhan she graduated as an Open Floor and Libido teacher in may 2016.

She is currently studying Somatic Experiencing, a body oriented trauma therapy training.


"I love the dance of life.
Again and again, I am humbled by the cycles of birth and death. Health and illness. Expansions and contractions. Hello’s and goodbye’s.

What else can I do then surrender and enjoy that dance?!”

I love movement, any movement.
The changing of the seasons, the come and go of day and night.
The grass in the wind,
running horses,
flying birds,
crawling snakes,
fluttering butterflies,
shooting stars,
human bodies.

What else can I do then invite to move with all that energy and play some good music to that?!

I love the elements earth, fire, water and wind.

I love what they teach us about being here, how they speak about nourishment, connections, cleansing, and walking lightly and in beauty. How they whisper about breath and great spirit.

What else can I do than share that wisdom on the dance floor?

I am grateful for all that I receive in this life and it’s an honor to guide people in the dance and witness how they find their aliveness and wild beauty through dance and sweat.

When I’m not dancing, I love to spent time with my daughters, 20 and 16 and my biggest guru’s and teachers. I love my friends, sharing food and fire, long walks, being in nature, swim in the sea…oh well, I love being alive…"