About Systemic Ritual


Systemic Ritual® is a way to (re)connect with the web of life and to see your own personal part in the bigger picture. The method has a strong root in shamanism and in family constellations.

At first it was easily described as a combination of the two, over the years though, it grew into an independent form. The influence of family constellations is still there by the way we use representation and the use of healing sentences.

The Shamanic Roots are recognized by the beat of the drum, the ongoing prayers, singing and the use of fixed structures that guide the movements of the ritual.

The wheel of the four directions is an important part in SR, it reminds us of the ongoing movement and changes of life.

As soon as I came in touch with SR, I saw and felt how much depth and expansive possibilities it can bring to the dance floor. The choreographic elements of it, the awareness of the bigger web we are part of, and the consciousness of how we move within that web.

Also, it is a humbling way to be aware of the powerful and creative presence of spirits and ancestors when we dare to listen.